The Jannat Aziz Eye Hospital Pakistan

The principal focus of The Sight For Life Trust has been the development of our own hospital in rural Tufail Abad, Pakistan. Established in 2005, our journey has taken us from temporary pop up clinics to a world class hospital offering the very best in ocular treatment.

We treat tens of thousands of people every year, including those with the most complicated conditions. We have an incredibly qualified and dedicated team of medical staff who have access to the most up to date equipment, and are supported all year round by visiting senior consultants and surgeons from Europe. We are determined that there be no compromises in the quality of treatment and care we offer, regardless of the challenging environment we operate in.

To date we have treated over 500,000 patients, and performed over 34,000 operations. As our reputation spreads, the demand on our aid is increasing rapidly. We are meeting this demand by investing further in:

  • Equipment to cope with a wide range of ocular abnormalities we need to treat.
  • Professional growth of our medical staff through the development of our hospital as a teaching centre, holding lectures by international visiting consultants.
  • The Centre for Low Vision, which will focus on the rehabilitation of those whose blindness cannot be cured or fully restored.
  • Telemedicine facilities, which allow us to refer cases to specialists in Europe.
  • The Vision on Wheels programme, which organises mobile clinics to the remotest areas. The is especially useful to screen children in various communities for early signs of ocular diseases.
  • The Paediatric Centre with specialist equipment and staff, and currently treating around 5000 children per year.

With your generous support, we will be able to help even more people through the activities outlined above. So please donate.

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