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Sight for Life is dedicated to tackling one of the single most devastating – and preventable – issues facing disadvantaged people in Pakistan. We established the Jannat Aziz Eye Hospital in 2005, which offers free treatment of blindness and sight related difficulties to people already struggling with the challenges of poverty.




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Our Patron

Imran Khan

Cricketing legend Imran Khan is patron of Sight for Life. Recognising the need for our work, he has been one of our greatest supporters from the very beginning.

100% Donation Policy

When we say 100% donation policy, we mean it. All donations go directly to fund the hospital and the care of patients within Pakistan. All of Sight for Life’s operating, administrative and marketing costs are covered by executive donors and sponsors, meaning 100% of your donation can go towards treating the poor and underprivileged.

Zakat & Sadaqah Donations

As a charity we are Zakat eligible. So with our 100% donations policy, you may give both your Sadaqah and your Zakat with confidence.

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