Committed To Eliminating Blindness

Amongst some of the world’s
poorest people


Sight for Life

Sight for Life is a registered charity, committed to eliminating blindness and other sight related difficulties amongst some of the world’s poorest people.

We are one of a very few organisations working in rural Pakistan, where the need for eye care is greatest. All too many of the people there are already living in poverty, and facing all of the challenges that brings. 

The effects of blindness complicate the challenges of poverty dramatically. A child who can’t see can’t study, making it nearly impossible for them to improve their life. If even one family member struggles with blindness or eye disease, it affects the whole family. If the bread winner goes blind he cannot provide for his family, his children have to work or go hungry. The family certainly can’t afford to send their children to school. A blinded mother can’t look after her children properly. If an elderly family member can’t see and needs full time care, it drains the time and resources of the entire family.

We are dedicated to breaking this cycle, and treat more than 70,000 patients every year. That includes more than 4,500 state of the art, vision-saving or vision-restoring eye operations. We desperately need your help so that we can keep doing that!

Sight for Life is a charity
committed to eliminating
blindness and other sight related difficulties amongst
some of the worlds poorest people.

1.5 million people in Pakistan living with curable blindness.
4 million children in Pakistan living with treatable refractive errors.
55 million people in Pakistan live at risk of blinding trachoma due to poor water sanitation.
A household affected by an onset of blindness in Pakistan is 3 times more likely to enter poverty within one year.
An average individual who regains sight through surgery will generate 1,500% of the cost the surgery in economic activity in the first year alone.
85% of those who lose their job due to failing sight regain employment soon after surgery.




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Every day, lives and livelihoods are ruined by preventable forms of tropical blindness and other serious eye disorders. Worse, the most vulnerable members of the community simply cannot afford the modern medical treatment these problems require. Our vision is to provide free eye care and eye disease prevention to anyone in Pakistan, regardless of their financial circumstances. You can help us make this vision a reality.


Jannat Aziz Eye Hospital

We built the Jannat Aziz Eye Hospital in Tufail Abad, Pakistan in 2005, and it has been only option for thousands of people requiring life changing eye care ever since. In fact, people travel from all over the country to receive help.

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Our Patient Stories

1.5 million living with blindness. 4 million children with refractive errors. 55 million living at risk of blinding trachoma. There is no shortage of people to help in Pakistan. Like all of us, every patient is unique. But the one thing they have in common is they are struggling with the combined challenges of poverty and lack of vision. With your donations we can drastically improve their life chances.

Frequently Asked Questions

To eliminate curable blindness and other sight related difficulties in Pakistan, for some of the worlds poorest people.

Over 2 million people in Pakistan effectively live blind. 75% of the causes of this blindness are preventative and/or curable. 4 million children are living with refractive errors which handicap them further in an already difficult existence. Due to some of the worlds worst water sanitisation, 50 million people are living at the risk of blinding trachoma.

Most people suffer from eye problems such as Cataract, Glaucoma, and other forms of tropical sight related diseases which can be treated effectively. Unfortunately, in many parts of rural Paksitan, people do not know that this is curable nor do they have the resources available to get proper and timely medical attention. 75% of the causes of blindness in Pakistan are preventative and/or curable.

Sight for Life has established a state of the art hospital in rural Punjab, Pakistan. Annually, we treat over 70,000 patients and perform over 4,500 operations. Our patients come from all over Pakistan, and we are currently undergoing a huge 30,000sq.ft expansion to cope with increasing demand. We also run our outreach programmes Vision on Wheels and School Screenings.

We have mobile clinics to travel to even more remote regions of the country, screening patients suffering with poor sight. These patients are either treated immediately, or referred back to the hospital for further treatment.

Our School Screenings initiative sends teams out to rural schools to screen children for refractive errors, early onset tropical diseases, and other sight related diseases. Much of this is linked to malnutrition which is unfortunately too prevalent in Pakistan. A recent UNICEF study reported that 43% of children in Pakistan are chronically malnourished.

We definitely recognise the various pressing needs in Pakistan, but have identified blindness and other sight related diseases as a desperately underserved matter which affects whole families already struggling in poverty.

As of March 2023:

  • 853,000+ Patients treated
  • 61,000+ Surgeries performed
  • 78,000+ Children treated in our School Screenings programme
  • 28,000+ Patients treated in our Vision on Wheels programme

We have long-term donors who have committed to cover all running and marketing costs of Sight For Life, which means your donation will go 100% to treating the poor and needy of Pakistan.

100% Donation Policy

When we say 100% donation policy, we mean it. All donations go directly to fund the hospital and the care of patients within Pakistan. All of Sight for Life’s operating, administrative and marketing costs are covered by executive donors and sponsors, meaning 100% of your donation can go towards treating the poor and underprivileged.

Zakat & Sadaqah Donations

As a charity we are Zakat eligible. So with our 100% donations policy, you may give both your Sadaqah and your Zakat with confidence.